How to log into the SVET® e-learning?

Can't log in? Let us help you 😃. After subscribing for the course, you receive a login mail. Let's find this email!

Step 1

Go to your email inbox and type 'svet' (+ ENTER) in the search box.

svet login search mail

Step 2

Hopefully you will find the login email 👇.

svet login mail

Step 3

No mail? Try checking the spam folder.

svet login find mail

Step 4

Still can't find the email? Don't worry! You can request a new one 👌.

Go to this page, type your email address, and press the button. The login mail will be send again.

Step 5

Found the email? Awesome!

Set a password for your account by clicking the button in the mail. After that you will be logged in to the e-learning! 🥳